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            Founded in 1992, Ketai Co., Ltd. specializes in all inclusive design and mass production of PCBA and EMS services for many international OEMs. 20? In, Ketai group set up factories in Dongguan, and developed more PCB, PCBA and OEM manufacturing businesses. In 2014, the factory was set up in Jiangmen, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, with a factory area of 16000 square meters and a staff of 300 people. SMT, mold manufacturing, injection molding and other equipment were added to improve the ODM solution products, and a professional R & D department was established to meet the electronic product design and solution development needs of customers. In 2017, jiangketai electronics set up an overseas branch in Mainz, Germany, which is specialized in serving the electronic product design, electronic scheme development, mold development, PCB, PCBA and other needs of customers in Germany and Europe.

            Today, Ketai group, with more than 300 employees in China, has operations in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. We focus on flexible electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and comprehensive solutions for PCB manufacturing, providing ODM & OEM services for various vertical markets.  

            Chairman / management team


             Chairman: William Tam


             R & D center: 20


           Production management: 20


           Quality management: 25 people


              Procurement team: 10


              Business team: 10

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